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PropYoda is a unified platform and market place for Property Developers, Vendors, MCST’s, Managing Agents, Management Councils and Onsite staff to enable hassle free estate management which digitizes all steps of the process ensuring efficiency, transparency and ease. PropYoda is being rolled out in phases.
Visitor Management System, Virtual AGM for MCST’s and Subsidiary Proprietor Payment System are now available.
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Property Developers

Property Developers

  • Icon For Door-open Digital Visitor Access Management
  • Verify with SingPass Verify with SingPass
  • Facial Recognition Facial Recognition
  • Icon For Bezier-curve Integration to existing Access Systems
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Property Developers

Virtual AGM

  • Compliant BMSMA guideline compliant
  • SG-Verify Authenticated Access for all participants
  • Any Device Attend from Mobile, Tablet or Desktop
  • No Downloads No Downloads, Audio and Video
  • Icon For Chat#4 Electronic Voting , Live Q&A
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Subsidiary Proprietors

  • Pay MCST bills using SGQR or PAYNOW
  • Icon For Credit-card Pay by Credit Card
  • Icon For Incoming-mail Receive Bills Electronically
  • Icon For Alarm-clock Reminders and Alerts
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Property management agents

Managing Agents

  • Icon For Display#1 Manage all properties from one portal
  • Icon For Dollar Procurement to Payment Management
  • Icon For Layout-arrange Project Monitoring
  • Icon For Zoom plus Digital Audit trails

Vendors & Suppliers

  • Icon For Add-user Participate in more bids
  • Icon For Cloud-upload Online invoice submission
  • Icon For Credit-card Automated payment credit
  • Icon For Clipboard-list Monitor cash flow
MCST members

MCST’s and Council Members

  • Icon For Thunder-move Digital Approval and Contracts
  • Icon For Clipboard-check Service Level Management
  • Icon For Chart-line#1 Expense and Budget forecasts
  • Icon For Visible Inventory Monitoring
Property Managers on site staff

Property Managers and Onsite Staff

  • Icon For Git#4 Digitalise Procurement to Payment
  • Icon For Building Available 24X7
  • Icon For Share Knowledge sharing platform
  • Icon For Incoming-mail Reminders and Alerts

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